Sunday, June 11

We first visited Scythopolis, a first century Roman city, just below the Old Testament city of Beth She’an.  It is located at the junction of three valleys, Jezreel, Jordan and Harod, and was an important crossroads. We spent some time here discussing the various martyrs of the Christian faith, and reflecting on what the future may hold for us as Christians in the last days.  This entire area was destroyed in 741 AD by a huge earthquake.

City of Beth She’an/Scythopolis

We then traveled south on the “Pilgrimage Route,” from Scythopolis by the Jordan River, to Jericho and then up to Jerusalem. The Jewish families were required to travel to Jerusalem three times a year for feast days. It usually took two weeks walking.

My mind must be playing tricks with me, because we visited Jericho twice in our 2 weeks. The first time was on June 5, and the we went there again this day. Anyway, one particular part of the wall is still standing–must be “Rahab’s house”! We also saw “Zaccheus’ tree,” a sycamore tree similar to one he would have climbed.

Jericho - standing wall

Jericho – standing wall

“Zaccheus Tree” in Jericho




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